majestic vines

Mount Veeder Winery

Luck was in the air when a farmhand delivered a handful of old grapevine cuttings to Michael and Arlene Bernstein from the old prune orchard they purchased. The rootstock was likely to be poor, but they planted the cuttings anyway without much thought. When 58 of the 60 plants lived and thrived, it was clear nature had preserved something special. Mount Veeder was born; becoming a winery that successfully produced all five of the classic Bordeaux varietals from its rich soil and surprisingly hearty rootstock. These wines will add flavors of concentrated fruit and big, rich tannins to your collection.



West of Napa and Yountville, Mount Veeder is composed of ancient seabed, surrounded by volcanic soils. The cooling influence of the San Pablo Bay is beneficial to the growing conditions of this region. Extremely steep slopes, above the fog, cause shallow topsoil and minimal water retention, resulting in small berries with intense flavor concentration and soft tannins.